The Deer Hunters

Shopping for school supplies. It was my favorite part of going to school. Partly because of shopping. But partly because school supplies are fun. Rory is super specific about what she wants: 3 hi lighters, not purple legal pads (which I’ve never seen. Yellow, baby). Lorelai mocks her and references SNL and “two wild and crazy guys”


Rory has to take the bus to school and she lands in a sea of fancy cars. Once in class she’s handed back her first big assignment. And she got a...”D”. She is MORTIFIED. Big Shakespeare test that counts for 20% of her grade, it will be hard and there are no retakes.

The evil three, well two, give her shit for her grade.

Paris: A “D,” however, that would be cause for concern.

Louise: A cry for help.

Paris: A job application at McDonald’s.

Louise: “Would you like fries with that?”

Paris: Hey, you know, not everybody can be smart. As my mother always says, “somebody has to answer the phones.”

Madeline: Okay, I have no idea what you two are talking about.

Paris: No, but Rory does.

Adding salt to the wound, stupid Tristan bugs her for a date and calls her Mary.

Drella and Michel argue. It’s entertaining to say the least. Because she rolls her harp over his foot. He threatens to fire her. He has no power. She clearly wins.

Lorelai brings in the new review of the Inns restaurant. Rory walks into the kitchen and asks for chocolate to recover from her day. Lorelai reads the review and it’s a rave! Sookie is a fabulous chef and I want to eat her food. Uh oh. She got a fine. Risotto is fine. A Top chef fan will know risotto is finicky. Sookie does not like this fine review, even though it’s mostly a rave.

At home, lorelai is watching tv and rory is studying. Lorelai wants ice cream. She acts like a child a lot. Lorelai still doesn’t know about the bad grade. Lorelai display her ability to be the child and Rory be the parent, a trend it seems.


The Kim’s, as in Lane, own an antique shop. Stars Hollow is that type of small town, with antique shops owned by vegetarian, seventh day Adventist, ornery Korean woman.


Rory and Lane study. Rory sneaks Lane a snickers. Mmm. That sounds delicious right now. They discuss Rory having trouble at school but lane reassures her. Lane brings up PoopyheadDean. He’s interested in rory because she’s smart. Mrs Kim kicks them out to the library.

At the inn, Drella is Harping. She’s playing Black sabbath. Sookie is depressed over her review while Lorelai consumes coffee and complains and explains about Chilton and having to go to a parent teacher meeting. Lorelai finally notices Sookie is upset they talk about her magic risotto and the “fine” review. Apparently this risotto kept Sookies mom for three years. Jackson doesn’t have


The mushrooms Sookie wanted. No fight. Sookie is sad.


Lorelai is late to the parent teacher meeting. This is a very typical east coast private school. The parents are annoyingly asking about Ap tests. Max Medina is Rory’s English teacher. Lorelai makes a scene entering the classroom. I sense flirtation.

These fucking parents.

And lorelai makes an ass out of herself over coffee. More on the AP test. And more of lorelai sticking out like a sore thumb “quote”.

Max: I apologize for the behavior of some of our guests tonight, it’s a tough time for some people.

Lorelai: The SAT season...?

Max: The waking hours.

They take a short break for the terrible coffee. Max and Lorelai flirt. He dishes on Rory’s bad grade. Lorelai rushes home to comfort rory.


At Luke’s, lorelai asks rory about the “d”. They have a nice chat and rory is reassured.

Rory: I’m not stubborn.

Lorelai: Yes you are.

Rory: No I’m not.

Lorelai: Fine, you’re not.

Rory: Thank you.

Shakespeare test. 20% of her final grade. At one time I had this Shakespeare app on my iPhone that was free and had every sonnet and play. If only in school this was a thing.


Paris is so mean.

Sookie is a on a tear to perfect risotto but keeps coming back to her magic risotto. She’s on a detective mission to figure out why this reviewer didn’t like the risotto. This is too much for me right now. Like over the top.


Shakespeare review. Comedy of Errors. Richard the III.

Moar coffee. Moar studying.

Rory sends lorelai to bed while she stays up studying at the kitchen table. Lorelai sleepily moves to join a passed out rory at the kitchen table.


And they over sleep. Because duh.

Rory takes the jeep and rushes off to school as fast as she can. She stops at a stop sign, calls Lane looking for notes. Lane is in her closet which is a room I would describe as a chill room with pillows and a disco ball and her music.


A deer hits the jeep while this phone call is happening. Rory runs around looking for the deer who hit her car. Why the fuck is she doing this. Just fucking go to school idiot. I can’t believe how irrational she is being right now. SHE HAS A SHAKESPEARE TEST.

And she’s late for the test and Mr Medina refuses to let her take the test. Rory goes on a tear:

Sookies investigation is a success! The reviewer ordered the wrong wine! Fire the waiter. By the way, Riesling is like battery acid (duh) and Jackson’s zucchini is too small. Lorelai is called to Chilton


Mr Medina and Headmaster Dick against Lorelai over the non taking of the test. They were drinking coffee and should of offered her some coffee when she enters the room. She’s pissed and coffee could’ve helped.

This guy is a hard ass but I get it to an extent. Lorelai was never a rule follower so it’s not surprising she’s upset about this. Being late is irritating:

Lorelai: But see, she was up all night studying, and she broke her neck to get here. We don’t live locally, as you know—

Headmaster Charleston: “The dog ate my homework, my computer crashed.”

Lorelai: I wasn’t trying to make excuses.

Headmaster Charleston: “My grandmother and first cousin died. My sister took my report to school instead of hers. My religion forbids me from studying after sundown. I went completely blind last night, but I’m fine now.”

Lorelai: That’s not Rory.

Headmaster Charleston: Ms. Gilmore, everything you said in your rant was true—without the colorful embellishments, of course. We do set high standards, and such standards do foster highly competitive children. However, that is life, and that is Chilton.

Lorelai: Rules can change. You can change them.

Headmaster Charleston: I told your daughter when she came here that this place is not for everyone and may not be for her. I will now tell you the same thing.

Lorelai: Hey—

Headmaster Charleston: She doesn’t have to be here. She doesn’t have to go to Harvard. Maybe she shouldn’t. If she can’t handle the pressure, she should leave. You need to take your daughter home now and decide what it is you intend to do. But another outburst from either of you will not be on the options list. Thank you, that will be all.


Sookie stalks the reviewer and forces the right wine with the risotto.

Who looks for a fucking deer like this. Wtf girls this is so dumb. I guess nice scenery for their chat about Chilton and school and studying. Lorelai suggests maybe Chilton isn’t the right fit. Rory stands up for herself because she knows she can handle the school and wants to.


What I like about this episode was how it really dug deep into their relationship more. Lorelai feels as if she and rory are one person. But it’s also clear rory wants to be and will be her own person and is determined to be successful.

Mr Medina calls and leaves a message. Rory can have some extra credit work to help make up the missed test and also is flirting on the message with lorelai. Ugh.


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